Writing the Next Chapter: 5 Potential Retirement Destinations

Apr 27, 2016

Writing the Next Chapter: 5 Potential Retirement Destinations

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It’s time to think about retirement. As you watch that last baby bird leave the nest, you probably want to start to think about where you plan to migrate for your later years. Maybe you’ll pack up the hammock and frozen margarita mix and choose somewhere warm and sunny. Others will choose somewhere more secluded, surrounded by the sounds of nature. Or maybe, you’ll decide to settle in near your close friends and family. Whatever you choose, it’s time to start looking towards the future. Below are a few options that might be worth spreading your wings for.

5 Senior Retirement Destination Options 

1. Colorado Springs, Colorado

This spot is perfect for those yearning for both adventure and a close bond with nature.  Offering one of the most beneficial health care systems, Colorado Springs is a great place for those who would rather leave the treadmill inside and get their exercise at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Offering a variety of hiking, rafting, and other outdoor activities, Colorado Springs is great for residents who are both young at heart and health-conscious.

If you’re looking for a more reserved activity, the city also is home to the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Recreational cannabis is also legal (insert “Rocky Mountain High” joke), which could explain the mellow demeanor of the townsfolk.

2. Cape Coral, Florida

Billed as Waterfront Wonderland, you might want to migrate south to this Florida west coast city to get your sea legs under you. Surrounded by 400 miles of waterways and over a dozen golf courses, you can work on improving both your year-round tan and your golf handicap.

With warm temperatures all year and a crime rate below the national average you’ll to spend your golden years in the sand - a sandy beach that is, not a sand bunker. Those looking to explore the city nightlife will be happy to know that Cape Coral is located between both Tampa Bay and Miami. Sunshine, the sea, and serenity. What’s not to like?

3. Des Moines, Iowa

 Surprisingly Iowa isn’t just one giant field of corn, well, at least Des Moines isn’t. The state capital actually boasts a huge variety of downtown activities including a rapidly growing Arts and Culture section of the city and a lineup of summer festivals that don’t contain the words “Corn” or “Hay” in the title. These festivals and parades run from May to October and feature hundreds of food and craft vendors as well as games and amusement rides.

Des Moines is also home to one of the best farmer’s markets in America, and I’ll let you take a guess at what their top-selling vegetable is. The quiet midwestern state is home to a rapidly growing and vibrant capital city that is surely worth considering when looking for a place to settle down.

4. Arlington, Virginia

Although it might be ironically morbid that you’ll want to finish out your lifetime in the home of the country’s most famous cemetery, Arlington actually boasts one the most retiree-friendly atmospheres on the east coast. Virginia’s tax rates are among the lowest in the nation, easing the financial strain that many people face after retirement.

The city is also very walker-friendly, allowing residents to ditch their cars for a healthier, more earth conscious alternative. Arlington is also a haven for history buffs, featuring many Civil War landmarks as well as other military-based sites and museums. It’s a good place for you to write the next chapter in your own personal history.

5. Right at Home

While it may sound cliché and overused, sometimes home really is where the heart is, and many will choose to begin the next stage in their life where they know best, right at home. There are many benefits to remaining at home, including spending ample time spoiling grandchildren. One of the best parts of growing older is getting to watch your family grow right in front of your eyes. Health-wise, it’s also a great comfort knowing that you have plenty of lifelines through family, friends, and neighbors, in case of an emergency.

Think of new activities that will bring the family together, like hosting a family game night every month, or a weekly dinner at a favorite restaurant. Replace all that time spent working with time spent with friends and family. Retirement should be about rest, relaxation, and most important, relatives.

There you have it. Whether it’s cruising the waterways of Cape Coral, or breaking in a new recliner at home, retirement should be something to look forward to. These are just a few options to look at but it’s really about what makes you comfortable. After putting in hard work for all these years, it’s time for you to settle down and relax.

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