Benefits of Independent Living

Jul 15, 2016

Benefits of Independent Living

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So now you've retired, the kids have settled down, and there's time to start exploring a new chapter in life. Many seniors today are living healthier and happier lives than ever before, so the community of people seeking premium retirement options is growing each year. 

If you're still relatively active and wondering how to get the most out of your golden years, independent living can be the perfect fit! 

What is Independent Living?

Independent living is designed for seniors who are still very healthy and can take care of their day to day tasks without needing constant monitoring or assistance. Communities offer a range of different housing options including townhouses, studio apartments, or even small cottages. Each location has its own unique range of amenities and opportunities for recreation, so you'll never be without something to keep you active. 

This care type also allows you the freedom to make your own schedule and participate in community events and outings as you please. Since most residents are around a similar age, making new friends and even gaining new hobbies is all yours and more! 

What Features Can I Expect With Independent Living?

With each monthly payment, you'll be able to indulge in any number of services your community provides. Although more advanced medical care services are likely to come at additional costs, staff are available 24/7 to keep your needs met. Of the many benefits to independent living, the main features seniors look for include:

  • Prepaid utilities (water, electric, trash and snow removal, etc.)
  • Gracious floor plans and fully furnished living spaces
  • Preferred dining options and meal plans 
  • Housekeeping and laundry services
  • Exercise classes and wellness facilities
  • Quiet reading areas and/or libraries
  • 24/7 staff available for assistance
  • Campus security and emergency call systems
  • Transportation services
  • Optional church services and spiritual counseling

Who Lives in these Communities?

Most (if not all) independent living communities do have age restrictions, limiting their residents to age 55 at youngest in some cases. Age restrictions mean you'll be surrounded by like-minded peers, each with their own unique story, hobbies, and goals for retirement. Through community events and outings, you'll get the opportunity to make new friends while gaining new experiences together! 

There are plenty of different communities throughout the United States that cater to all lifestyles, spiritual traditions, and sexual orientations. Don't ever feel like you have to sacrifice your identity to have a good life in an independent living community - there's something for everyone! Better yet, retiring to independent living can be a great excuse to move somewhere new and start an entirely refreshing chapter in your golden years. 

Benefits of Independent Living
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