Discover Nursing Home Care in Delaware

In the pursuit of finding the perfect nursing home for you or your elder’s long-term care, Delaware offers a wide selection of premier skilled nursing homes ready to assist you every step of the way. There are currently 45 certified nursing homes in Delaware to choose from, all staffed with the most highly trained professionals in the state.

Nursing homes in Delaware, also known as nursing facilities feature 24-hour care and health services for elders not currently in the care of a hospital. For seniors with acute illnesses or requiring mental health management, nursing homes are a great long-term care option. Of course as with most health care services, comparing the costs and locations of a future nursing home in Delaware can help you find the right care for the right price.


Find Senior Caring Options by County

Nursing Home Care in Delaware - Cost Comparison

City Monthly Minimum Monthly Maximum Monthly Median
Dover $7,060 $9,000 $8,120
Wilmington $6,000 $8,460 $7,760

Finding quality skilled nursing care for your senior loved one can be extremely expensive. On average, nursing home costs in the state are higher than the national average. When paying for nursing home care in Delaware, you can expect to pay about $109,500 annually for a semi-private room, and about $117,895 for a private room.

For more information on nursing home care costs in Delaware, visit Genworth's 2015 Cost of Care Survey - Delaware.

Recreation & Attractions in Delaware

Being the first state in the U.S., Delaware has a wealth of historical sites and recreational destinations to explore. The Dover International Speedway opened in Delaware in 1969. Since then, it has held two NASCAR races, and NASCAR will return to the speedway in summer of 2017. The speedway hosts many other events for fans and other racers throughout the year. If you like to see cars go fast, you're definitely going to want to check this out!

For those that love sticking their toes in the sand, Delaware has many beaches, each with their own personality. Major beaches in the state include Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, and Bethany Beach. They are all great spots to see some ocean views, feel the sand between your toes, and spend time with family and friends.

The Delaware Art Museum provides a collection focused on American Art of the 19th through 21st centuries. In this museum, you can view drawings and paintings from the Howard Pyle collection, jewelry and metalwork from English craftsmen, and posters from America poster designers.

Delaware's Geography, Climate, & Culture

Delaware is America's first state and though small, contains many historic highlights. Visitors to Delaware have the opportunity to visit coastal towns like Lewes and New Castle, which have a major colonial feel and have remained largely unchanged for over 300 years. The states laid-back and friendly residents enjoy the colonial history and nature that the state provides.

Delaware is the second-smallest state in the United States. It is located in the northeast region of the country and is surrounded by bodies of water including the Atlantic Ocean, the Delaware Bay, and the Chesapeake Bay. All of that water helps to lessen temperature extremes in the state. During the summer months, you can expect perfect beach weather with temperatures typically in the mid-80-degree Fahrenheit range. The winter season is typically moderate with daily temperature highs around 45-degrees.

Delaware's Nursing Home Regulations & Laws

Skilled nursing care homes are held to strict standards to meet licensing requirements. There is a thorough inspection and licensing process that all nursing homes have to undergo. The annual inspection evaluates the patient records, patient interviews, observation of staff members, and facility inspection for cleanliness, damages, and safety. Nursing homes are required to have their inspections available for public inquiry, so if you call and ask, they must provide you with the full report. Residents are to get a minimum of 2.25 hours of direct care each day.

Crime & Safety in Delaware

Before moving to a new area, it is always a good idea to research crime rates. Delaware has decreased over the last several years, showing that law enforcement and community members are taking efforts to prevent crime. Check out some the safest cities in Delaware:

LocationViolent Crimes Per 1,000 ResidentsProperty Crimes Per 1,000 Residents
Ocean View0.4816.46


Payment Options for Delaware Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled nursing residences and nursing homes in Delaware can be quite expensive for most families to pay out of pocket. Since Medicare and private insurance policies rarely cover long-term care options, many turn to Medicaid for assistance. In order to qualify in Delaware, applicants must have less than $2,000 in countable assets. Additionally, nursing home care must be deemed medically necessary in order to retain coverage. Since every state is different, it is wise to read up on the specifics and how they apply.

Senior & Elderly Rights for Nursing Homes Care in Delaware

Residents of Delaware nursing homes have the right to dignity, respect, & freedom, the right to be fully informed, and the right to participate in their own care. This includes the right to refuse any care. As a resident, you have the right to make independent choices, the right to confidentiality and privacy, and the right to voice any concerns without fear of reprisal.

Delaware Nursing Homes: Medical Record Rules & Regulations

Residents and others receiving care in Delaware have the right to access their own medical records. From last entry date on your record, physicians and hospitals under HIPAA guidelines must keep records for 7 years, although many maintain the records longer in practice. In order to view and amend your records when necessary, a request must be submitted to your healthcare provider. This information is to remain confidential and residents must be notified if their record is disclosed. Medical records should be provided no later than 30 days after the request. If requests of copies are made, they are to be provided for a reasonable fee.

Finding the perfect senior care community is only part of making your loved one’s senior living transition smooth. At SeniorCaring, we know that it is also equally important to be aware of what other community services and resources are available to your family’s senior. Choose your location and find local resources for your senior.