Kentucky Alzheimer's Care Communities

Memory care units in Kentucky, which can also go by the terms Alzheimer’s care, dementia care, or special care units, are facilities that are specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals with forms of dementia. They include staff trained to adequately monitor residents to prevent wandering, ensure safety, and provide care suitable for cognitive impairment.


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Dementia Care Homes in Kentucky - Cost Comparison

LocationMonthly Minimum Monthly Maximum
Bowling Green$3,795$5,495

*Average monthly cost for single occupancy room in a memory care community

Recreation and Attractions in Kentucky

There is a wide array of attractions from parks, distilleries, and museums in Kentucky. The Louisville Mega Cavern, Buffalo Trace Distillery, National Corvette Museum, and Natural Bridge State Park are popular attractions. Kentucky is also the home to Churchill Downs so there are a lot of horse-based attractions throughout the state including the Kentucky Derby Museum and the Kentucky Horse Park.  

Kentucky's Climate, Geography, and Culture

The climate in Kentucky is considered temperate and supports four seasons with warm summers and mild winters. The average high in summer is 88 degrees and the average low in the winter is 24 degrees. Compared to the United States as a whole, Kentucky gets more rain, but less snowfall per year with 47 inches and 11 inches respectively over 115 days. During the summer, humidity levels are pretty high. The culture in Kentucky is similar to that of other parts of the south with a laid-back attitude and slow moving being common. People that live there are typically friendly and provide hospitality.

Kentucky's Dementia Care Home Regulations and Laws

In Kentucky, assisted living facilities that market themselves as providing memory care are required to display the programs, staff, and training that is available to meet the needs to Alzheimer’s patients. The community must also keep records of the dementia-specific training that staff goes through including the content, hours offered and are required to complete, schedule staff to take part in the training.

Crime and Safety in Kentucky

Kentucky is ranked 42nd in overall safety according to 2016’s Safest States to Live In.

LocationViolent Crimes Per 1,000 ResidentsProperty Crimes Per 1,000 Residents
La Grange1.5314.21

Payment Options for Alzheimer's Care in Kentucky

Medicare, private long-term insurance, and out of pocket payments are the typical methods to pay for dementia care in KY. For assisted living patients, Medicaid does not provide services of reimbursement. The average monthly cost for Memory Care in Kentucky is about $4,729.

Senior and Elderly Rights for Memory Care in Kentucky

Patients have the right in KY to be informed of their health status and be involved with decisions related to their care in a manner they understand. The patient’s privacy should be respected to the highest extent possible. Restrained or seclusion should not be used unless absolutely necessary, and then, only in the least restrictive method possible. The patient of an Alzheimer’s care community has the right to designate someone to make health care decisions for them if they do not have the capacity to do so themselves.

KY Memory Care: Medical Record Rules and Regulations

In Kentucky, patients are allowed to view their medical records or request a copy that should be provided within 48 hours of the request and at no higher cost than what is typically charged in the community for copies.  

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