Assisted Living Communities in Michigan

In the state of Michigan, assisted living facilities may also be called personal care homes, residential care homes, and other retirement community options. While many states do have legislative distinctions between these care types mentioned, Michigan remains a state where the term 'assisted living' refers to a wide range of senior care options and living arrangements. Luckily, the state's Department of Human Services, Bureau of Child and Adult Licensing oversee these communities and the seniors living there to ensure quality care in every setting!

There are approximately 200 assisted senior living communities operating in Michigan.


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Assisted Living Homes in Michigan – Cost Comparison

City Monthly Minimum Monthly Maximum Monthly Median
Detroit $1,200 $5,000 $3,600
Grand Rapids $1,080 $4,000 $3,788
Ann Arbor $1,200 $5,000 $3,813
Flint $1,100 $4,000 $3,000

The average cost of assisted living in Michigan is $3,250 per month. Compared to the rest of the United States, Michigan’s average cost for long-term senior care falls right behind the national long-term care average of $3,600 per month. Within the state, average costs between areas vary; however, median costs stay in the $3,000 - $4,000 price range.

For more information about assisted living costs in Michigan, check out Genworth’s 2015 Cost of Care Survey.

Recreation & Attractions in Michigan

Nestled close to the Great Lakes of America, Michigan offers an array of winter and summer activities for anyone to enjoy. Wrapped around Lake Superior, Isle Royale National Park offers a range of walking and hiking trails with the chance to encounter Michigan’s indigenous wildlife such as wolves and moose. The Great Lakes area not only offers beautiful wilderness, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore offers stunning views from the elevated gravel bluffs, swimming, and boating.

For those searching for an eclectic experience, the Detroit Institute of Art is home to the largest and most significant art collection in the country displaying over 60,000 pieces from notable artists from around the world. Displaying the history of Detroit, the Henry Ford Museum offers intriguing displays of automobile history in the United States. Taking the engines to the skies, the Kalamazoo Air Zoo is a unique experience, offering an interactive air and space museum combined with a zoo!

Michigan’s Climate, Geography, & Culture

Historically, Michigan is known for being one of the nation’s most successful industrial states. Prior to the recession, Detroit was known for car manufacturing, and since then, the state has been rebuilding. The sound of Motown was born in Detroit. Michigan residents are typically modest, hard working, and resilient.

Located on the most the northern border of America, Michigan experiences four distinct seasons typical for North America. The favored season by residents, winter, brings below freezing temperatures to the great lake state along with heavy snowfall. Depending on the location, Michigan accumulates anywhere between 40 and 200 inches of snow each year. The upper peninsula of Michigan sees the most snowfall. For winter sports lovers, Michigan is the perfect place! As winter thaws and summer warms up the state, Michigan sees temperatures rise into 70 to 80-degree range, perfect weather for visiting the lakeshore! Michigan accumulates 32 inches of precipitation annually.

Michigan’s Assisted Living Centers Regulations & Laws

Assisted Living homes are regulated by a state-to-state basis. Every state has a publicly accessible legal document outlining the regulations, licensing, operation and other rules for assisted living. The Michigan Department of Human Services oversees and published the official regulations for assisted living homes within Michigan. Public records concerning violations, citations, and inspections of individual personal care homes or assisted living communities can be obtained through the official Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs site

Crime & Safety in Michigan

When looking for a new place to live, it is always important to consider the safety of the community you are in. Michigan has seen their crime rate on the decline and actually has some of the lowest rate ever reported in the state. If you are not sure where to start your search, look at some the safest communities in Michigan:

LocationViolent Crimes Per 1,000 ResidentsProperty Crimes Per 1,000 Residents
Raisin Township0.271.59
Kinross Township0.521.55
Gaines Townshi0.02.55
Thetford Townshi0.442.50


Payment Options for Michigan Assisted Living Communities

Choice Elderly and Disabled Waiver

For those looking for financial assistance to help with assisted living costs, Michigan’s Medicaid program offers the Choice Elderly and Disabled Waiver to elderly and disabled residents. Formerly known as the Home and Community-Based Services for the Elderly and Disabled (HCBS/ED) program, this waiver will cover the costs of long-term assisted care and will allow participants to self-direct their own care or allow the state to manage the care. To find more information and eligibility guidelines for this program, visit the MI Choice Waiver Program page on the Department of Health & Human Services.

Assisted Living Family Loans

Alternate payment options are available. Families can apply for an assisted living family loan. This provides temporary or long-term financial assistance when paying for assisted senior care. The program allows multiple people to contribute to payment.

Senior & Elderly Rights for Assisted Living Residences in Michigan

While residing in the home, a resident retains constitutional civil rights, rights of privacy, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. The resident also retains the right to personal possessions, autonomy over personal finances, bodily autonomy, and power of attorney. The resident has a right to be informed of the process to file a complaint of unsatisfactory living situations, abuse, neglect and the like. The complete list of resident rights as guaranteed by the state of Michigan can be obtained via the official Michigan Legislature website.

Michigan Assisted Living Homes: Medical Record Rules & Regulations

Michigan assisted living homes are required to provide appropriate health services that are ordered by an attending physician, as well as keep all medical information confidential, accurate, and complete. Medical records shall be readily accessible upon request and should be kept for a period no less than 6 years from death or discharge date.

Residents in Michigan assisted living centers have access to their medical records and can request a copy of all or a portion of their medical records. They can also request a copy of some or all of the information at a cost not to exceed the community standard cost for photocopies.


Finding the perfect senior care community is only part of making your loved one’s senior living transition smooth. At SeniorCaring, we know that it is also equally important to be aware of what other community services and resources are available to your family’s senior. Choose your location and find local resources for your senior.